Directory of services

Skilled Nursing

Sonoma Post Acute creates an individualized care plan for each of our patients. Our care plan concentrates on reducing medical complications as well as minimizing the need for aggressive medical support and resources.

Post-Acute Rehabilitation

Our residents have a variety of specific rehabilitation needs. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists provide personalized treatment to our patients to improve their level of functioning. Our therapists motivate and inspire our patients to attain their goals and to reach their level of independence.

Outpatient Therapy

Our post-acute care is for those residents who are medically fragile and require additional attention. We seek to maximize the quality of life for our post-acute care population and offer them specialized restorative services. Our goal is to maintain or improve each resident’s highest functional ability.

Wound Care

Sonoma Post Acute offers an exceptional wound care program with an integrated system of professional, clinical, and technical resources designed to treat a variety of wound conditions. We provide care for wound dehiscence, diabetic arterial/venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, and pre and post flap surgery. In addition, we offer ostomy (colostomy/urostomy) care and training.

Palliative Care

Sonoma Post Acute treats residents with an array of serious and chronic illnesses. Our care is tailored to assist each patient to gain the strength needed to continue with daily life while striving to keep them comfortable.

Hospice Care

Sonoma Post Acute partners with hospice agencies in the community to offer compassionate end-of-life care. We diligently provide appropriate pain management and comfort to our hospice patients. We are committed to supporting families and caregivers during their loved ones’ transitions to hospice.

Activities Program

Sonoma Post Acute’s Activity Director and activity staff are friendly and supportive. They create social programs that are tailored to our patients’ needs. A colorful and easy to read activity calendar is prominently displayed for all residents to see. We also offer unique evening activities a couple times a week. Sonoma Post Acute is a Memory and Music Certified facility. This program is inspired by the acclaimed documentary Alive Inside. Our staff interviews patients and/or their family members and uploads their favorite music on an iPod. Studies have shown the positive effect music has on the chronically ill, and we are proud to observe this at our facility each day.

Social Services

Our Social Services Director provides essential information to our patients and family members. Social services work diligently to coordinate various appointments for our patients and assists with care planning and discharge planning. Our Social Service Director maintains open communication between the facility, families, and the patients. All requests and concerns are managed by our Social Services Director.